Caregiver and Client Login

Secure, cloud based software designed to manage our staff and the clients we serve.

Clients and Caregivers can check their schedules, Caregivers can record tasks and make client notes all on line. Just click on the Generations link and you will be directed to the main scheduling page.

Our Agency ID is hwslc – For the rest of the login information, please contact our office.

We utilize Generations Homecare System for our caregiver tracking software. This software allows caregivers to clock in and out of clients’ homes using their smart phone. It tracks their GPS location so that we know that caregivers are where they should be and when they should be.

Generations also allows clients and family members to log in to see the schedule at any time.  Families can set up alerts to notify them when a caregiver shows up of if she is late.  All of this can be accomplished right through your smart phone.

Generations is fully HIPPA compliant. If you want to use Generations on a mobile device, click here to be directed to the mobile site which is optimized for tablets and smart phones.