“I want to thank you for the extra care you give me each and every day. You show me kindness even when I forget your name. You assure me when my mind slips and I cannot remember if I had a meal or not.

You prepare my meals with me in mind. Even if I forgot what I like from day to day. You assure me when I forget simple things I was sure I never knew.

You always do things with my comfort in mind even if your comfort is compromised.

You are kind to me as the fog of old age seems to cloud my mind. You help me remember the day and the time. You remind me of my family, when they sometimes fade from my mind. You have become like family to me as our time together grows. Your words of hope and the compassion that you give me daily helps make my days easier to get through.

So dear caregiver, before I forget again, let me thank you for all the things you have done and for all the care you have always given me.

I can only wish that you too have someone like you, when you get as old as I.”